Thursday, February 17, 2005

A Healthy Hiatus...Ends

It's been 5 months since I've left this blog on hiatus. Duty called elsewhere. Occasionally, I would still pop around elsewhere in the blogosphere, but for the most part I was idle. Idle in this environment, that is. I've still been following current events, the Bush victory, reading like mad, formulating plans, and synthesizing doctrines, along with just living and working, and it's good. The break has been refreshing, but now is the time to reengage.

This evening I'll start putting up posts again - on social security, on media issues (consolidation/control/propaganda), on the freedom of information, on ecological sanity and economics, on political and economic stewardship [i.e. presidential, congressional, and grassroots leadership] that puts people first - and I hope it will contribute something.

On a parallel track, I'll be rolling out the new format for this blog, which will allow for greater organization and search capability of past posts, and will incorporate a few new sections, like book reviews, that fit better with a topical organization than the linear chronological diary format.