Saturday, May 29, 2004

I Haven't Completely Disappeared

I'm not retired. Just relaxing, in this medium, and going full tilt in another to complete a new software product. Pressure's on, and I have to respond.

Of course, I'm maintaining my connections, staying in tune with the news and memes, checking in occasionally at my regular haunts, and researching and studying every chance I get, honing the message, exploring new avenues of rhetoric and exposition.

Many say the blogosphere is a waste, just a bunch of self-absorption, but if you hit some of the right spots, maybe even this one, you get a little more than that. The expanded Freedom Century site is upcoming, and when it does we'll be expanding this message even further - into literary areas, and consciousness research.

Also, I'm reviewing all available literature right now in regards to propaganda, social influence, persuasion, (some) rhetoric, and memetics.


To put up a defenitive guide - for rhetorical and argumentative self-defense, and for expanding these elemental skills into a more common understanding around the blogosphere.