Thursday, September 02, 2004

Our Brilliant Blog Hubs

It seems every one of the most populous and trafficked blogs on the Left has embraced and adopted Michael Baruba. They must feel this will really influence people, that Beruba comes up with mildly amusing allusions to surrealists.

This is exactly what's wrong with the blogosophere. The ones who have gained the most advantageous position, the most traffic hits, somehow feel a wannabe political surrealist writer is the next guy to plug, and they infect everyone else with his witty but irrelevant analysis, which has nothing to do with the real world.

Why do they all hit him at the same time? Collusion? It doesn't make sense. I've seen Beruba's name instantaneously all over the heavy hitter blogosphere, and his analysis is nothing to brag about. It's a bit witty, but I'm a surrealist zen poet, and I don't pretend to throw around Breton's name like people care, or even that's he is a great poet.

Now, Robert Desnos is a great poet.

The point of all this is that the blog leadership just have no clue at all what people want to hear, and especially everyday American people. I suspect they don't know these people. Do they ever hang out in bars in non-university towns? I doubt it. They're apparently all a bunch of intellectual wonks who don't know the pulse of American voters just living their lives.

On this site, the pulse is reflected, along with a fidelity to the values we learned as children growing up in our schools. Patriotic values. My arguments, and my little pithy essays, are the kind of communication that works across ideological boundaries. Do I feel special? Hell no. I just care about my country, my friends, my neighbors, and our freedom. But the gateways are too easily entranced by some pretender who drops Breton a few too many times for anyone who plans on voting Democrat to take seriously.

A few words of advice. If this election goes bad, the Democrats will have nowhere to hide, and they won't be able to find comfort in thinking that surrealists or situationalists ever cared about their propaganda or platform. That's just plain fact.

I'm a poet. A zen poet. A lover of surrealism. Read Baruba, he's kind of funny, but keep in mind he will have no impact on this election. I hope our lead bloggers get over their infatuation, and start pointing to everyday arguments that will actually mean something to potential voters.


I went a little overboard with the use of 'clown' and so on in this post last night. Mark it down as frustration at our continuing national dysfunctionality when it comes to dealing with political issues and challenges. I've edited it a bit, to smooth it out, while not losing the message. Let it be said that Baruba is pretty funny too, and I enjoyed his writing the first time I was steered to it. Later, I got annoyed, but it's no fault of Baruba's for people digging his material. Peace.