Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Slowly But Surely Coming Back

I'm pretty amused about my last post in February, explaining how fired up I am about my imminent return to the blogosphere. Oh well. Here we are in April, and I'm slowly getting around to posting again. Yes, I've been very busy...

So, here are some notes to break the ice again, and I'll be around each day with a new post or two into the future.


punish destruction of documents to impede criminal investigation by 20 years, and offer $1 million award for whistleblowers who can prove document destruction occurred
that would fix the problem


"The EPA's own Children's Health Protection Advisory Committee wrote last year that the proposed EPA rule 'does not sufficiently protect our nation's children.'"

Susan West Marmagas (Physicians For Social Responsibility)

"This rule flies in the face of the best science, the best experts and the public."


Pentagon audit calls "illogical" Halliburton's billing of $27.5 million for delivery of $82,000 in petroleum - suggests bookkeeping error and recommends Halliburton review matter (Halliburton has already defended such billing by labeling as mission-critical in dangerous environment)


ANWAR - government estimates 6-16 million barrels of oil could be potentially tapped - America used 7 million barrels a year - all this controversy over a relatively small and insignifigant amount of oil - and environmentalists contend that far less than the annual oil usage can economically be extracted, not to mention while spoiling undeniable value of the wilderness, and endangering the wildlife therein)