Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Slowly Returning

I'm slowly going to kick this blog back in a bit, though probably not too much, but if anyone wants to get a flavor for it, then I'd start with this archive, which marks the last month of my posting regularly (September 2004), and is more partisan than most everything that came before.

Or, if you prefer unfiltered, non-partisan, anti-war smackdowns, just go back to the mission statement (March 2003), or the first "this war is a fraud" letter, and work your way up (and graciously ignore the few dumb posts that are sprinkled as you go forward), keeping in mind the first two posts really aren't the first, but were actually emails sent out to media organizations and major bloggers before this blog was ever created (I added them since they give the best context to the blog and where I'm coming from, and in the right chronological order).