Monday, August 04, 2003

Blazing The Trail

John, over at Hellblazer, has posted a dazzling collection of posts and links today. I encourage anyone to go check him out. A bakers dozen. Posts. With great material.
I just saw Bay Buchanan say "It doesn't matter what the reality is, because perception is reality" on CrossFire. She was saying this as a response to the statement that "The reality is Dean is strong on National defense, he is questioning the notion of preemptive war."


Hiding weak information caged in persuasive arguments is one thing. Completely distorting reality to confuse the judges is simply another.

Winning any particular game isn't everything. Because sometimes how you play the game is what wins in the long run - in the real game.

But then an Administration which has admittedly "inflated" or "mis-emphasized" (love that word) the whole WMD argument - while hiding the "real" reasons - simply to get us whipped up to go to war might not understand that distinction.

That's just a taste, and you'll have to scroll down for that one. Enjoy.