Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Thus Ends This Chapter Of The Project For A New Century Of Freedom

Peace is not easily experienced in this forum of the web. Especially when you're here for war. To oppose it. The reasoning behind it. That mission has run its course, and for every period of activity, there must be a period of rest. Otherwise, personal involvement may become too great, and insight, along with compassion, increasingly become lost.

For who am I to accuse our president, George W. Bush, of being a liar or self-deceiver, as I did several days ago? Or on the eve of the war? Just as soon should I accuse myself. For these are trying times that we live in, and staying true to oneself, indeed being aware of this truth at all, is hard enough, without having the burden of your fellows, and the world, also upon your shoulders.

So, for my part, I'm leaving to take some time to reflect. To listen. To tend to the things closer to home. Closer to the heart. As the president is himself on such a leave, I can only hope that he takes the time to do the same. To evaluate, and to appreciate, and to enjoy some quiet. Some peace. As much as is possible. Before the inevitable return.

There is always the moment of return. Of reengagement. When we see with fresh eyes, and hear with fresh ears, the tumult of experience which at once we had taken leave.

With that, I bid my adieu.