Monday, September 15, 2003

The Forgetting Man

Seems that Arnold Schwarzenegger is of the mentally frail sort. Has a very hard time remembering anything. First, it was the OUI magazine interview about the orgy. He claimed he didn't remember it. How do you forget an orgy in the weight room? (BS meter at 9 out of 10)

Then, it came out that he attended a meeting to hear Ken Lay's energy plans for California, just before our energy crisis hit. Seems Arnie can't remember this meeting either, which begs the absurd. How do you forget a high-profile meeting with the chairman of one of America's biggest corporations, about a matter which has since crippled the state you live in, and in which you have stated your desire to lead? (BS meter at 8 out of 10)

Now, it seems that Arnold earned a salary from Joe Weider when he came to California on his H-2 visa, which of course is illegal. This is not a surprise, one would expect it, and it's certain that Arnie was paid under the table, as many an illegal immigrant. It's well documented by Arnold and Joe throughout the years in various interviews. But guess what? Arnold can't remember receiving a salary from Joe Weider, Joe can't seem to remember how often he paid Arnold, and Arnold's campaign manager has made a number of absurd statements about the sum of $65, including that Arnold got a one-time payment of $65. Wow! That'll tide you over! (BS meter at 10 out of 10)

Arnold is a liar. He's the perfect politician. The whole routine - denial, deceit, delay - he's got down pat. And he calls himself an outsider? Please. He's already proven to be a lying politician, and not a very effective one at that. You can put me on the record with this. Arnold Schwarzenegger, until he comes clean and starts to own up to things, is nothing more than a vain, racist, misogynistic, cynical manipulator. You can quote me on that. We don't need him here in California. Or those who seek to subvert normal elections, and the affairs of the state, with less than 10% of the people giving a signature.

I'm still waiting to hear how Arnold explains his white-power crap that he threw on the black body builders he worked out with. Does he remember?


UPDATE: Wow, anger can really do it to you. In its moment. I called Ahnuld something I shouldn't have earlier, and I'm taking it back. It's my blog, I'll do what I want. To Arnie, I apologize for that single remark, though nothing else. I've replaced the offending noun with "manipulator".