Thursday, September 25, 2003

The New Patriotism

I just finished reading about Wesley Clark's promotion of "a new American patriotism". To hear this sentiment from a man of his stature is inspiring. And most welcome. Though I realize Clark isn't inventing the concept, as here and elsewhere this "speaking out, questioning authority and holding your leaders accountable" has been the going currency, it's refreshing to hear this from a leading contender for the top leadership job of this country.

To be frank, what Clark is advocating is holding himself accountable, and leaving himself open to questioning, since the ostensible goal of his run, and his platform, is to be the very leader he is referencing. To my knowledge, this is an unprecedented platform for a presidential candidate, and is a signal of the remarkable times that we live in (that free speech and accountability would be so seemingly revolutionary).

We now have at least two candidates, the two top Democratic candidates mind you (including Howard Dean), who are running on (what can be considered) unprecedented platforms. For citizen empowerment, participation, and real American values. For transparency and accountability. In this regard, Clark has come out strongest so far, with his "new patriotism". I'd like to hear more from Howard Dean about this, and, alternatively, would like to hear more from Clark on electoral reform and IRV, which Dean has championed. These two guys alone signal the beginning of what I see as the new American renaissance, not to mention a new century of freedom.