Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Ethics And The Bush Administration - The Environment

Environmental Media Services and The Unified Forest Defense Campaign have released a media tip sheet on the ethical lapses of the Bush Administration in regards to environmental policy.

There is growing concern that the current Administration has become comfortable operating within a pattern of deception and spin to circumvent laws and environmental protections and exploit the natural resources found on public lands. From keeping confidential files on public meetings, misleading the public through misnamed programs, ignoring scientific and economic facts, to granting sweetheart out-of-court settlements to friends in industry, Administration officials have become increasingly brazen in their intentions toward public lands.

Collectively, these examples illustrate a pattern that—at best—skirts ethics, and—at worst—demonstrates contempt for public involvement and maintaining a healthy balance between economic growth and environmental protection.

They list a number of areas along with supporting information for each. I won't go into detail here, but there are a number of examples for each charge.

1. Withholding Information From The Public

2. Misleading The Public

3. Out of Court Settlements That Favor Industry

4. Ignoring Scientific Information

In other words...deception, double dealing, lying, cheating, profiteering, corruption, cynicism, and fundamentalist irrationalism.