Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Tonight And Tomorrow On Islamic Lands' TV, Radio, And Newspapers

As people in Islamic lands rise this morning, and catch some TV, read the newspaper, or head to the local shop to gossip, they will be seeing, reading, and hearing that United States forces bombed a mosque in Iraq and killed 40 people (the rebels seem to have escaped).

There is some dispute and uncertainty in the matter, but this is how it is being reported in the Daily Times of Pakistan, Al-Jazeera, and other outlets. The BBC originally reported this news as well, and that will give the Islamic media all the license it doesn't really need to report the events as it chooses.

The bottom line seems to be that our guys were pinned down, and there may have been no other way to avoid a disaster for our side, but this tactical situation didn't happen by accident, and the impact could be devastating to our larger efforts and strategy.

This will not win hearts and minds - it will lose them, enrage them, and transform them into our sworn enemies.