Saturday, August 28, 2004

Hey Big Media, Connect the Dots - Nine Impolite Questions for Big Media

Don Williams has some questions for our beloved (and objective) Big Media:
Yes you with the research assistants, cameras and sexy news-anchors there in Washington, New York and Atlanta. I know you try hard not to show liberal bias. In fact, I submit that you often bend over backwards. You betray your calling when you fail to connect the dots, or when you join in character assassination or shun your role as arbiter of what's true. You can do better. Here are nine questions from the heartland that might suggest how.

* First, when quoting those Swift-boat Veterans for Truth over and over about what Kerry did between 1969 and 1972, doesn't balance demand that you recall President Bush's sketchy service record? Isn't it just as pertinent that some Air National Guard commanders never saw Bush report for duty? That there's a gap in his pay stubs? Aren't you ethically bound to remind the public that Bush stopped flying fighter jets in the spring of 1972, according to USA Today, and failed to take a physical exam required of all pilots, and that his sole medical treatments in the Guard were for dental fillings?

* Second, if you're going to quote Bob Dole blasting Kerry's anti-war activities and Senate record isn't it pertinent to recount how Bush spent the same three decades?

* You've replayed those tapes over and over in which Kerry catalogued atrocities in Vietnam. Don't you owe it to the public to point out that, while most veterans served honorably, history shows atrocities DID OCCUR? Shouldn't you mention My Lai? Operation Phoenix? Some three million Southeast Asians died in the Vietnam War. Is it possible Kerry had a point?

Much more if you read the rest, it's Saturday night and I'm out of here.