Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Politics As Boxing - Kerry Has Bush Up On The Ropes

If we were to characterize the presidential campaign as a boxing match, it seems certain we would have to describe Kerry on the offensive, hammering Bush, and backing him up against the ropes. For awhile there, it didn't look that way, but suddenly in the past few days I've noticed a clear change of momentum.

Bush came out cocky, throwing a lot of punches and playing his best dirty game. But John Kerry isn't your average fighter. He seems to have a plan, and a lot of resilience. Seemingly a bit lethargic in the beginning rounds, as Bush became more aggressive, suddenly Kerry has shifted gears, and is showing a lot more energy.

Just in the last few days we've had a few resignations from Bush's election team because of irregularities with their participation in the Swift Boat debacle, which Bush has firmly denied being connected with, even though everyone knows that he really is. But even his plausible deniability has been punctured a bit, Kerry having pierced his defenses, and now following up with some severe body blows.

For instance, now John Kerry is calling for Don Rumsfeld's resignation, enunciating and repeating a mantra of accountability for all to hear. Bush has no defense for this. Transparency and accountability are his achilles heels, where he is wide open to attack. His administration has been about unparalleled secrecy and back-room deals, and in almost every debacle that arises one after the next in terms of his administration there is always the appearance of a lack of accountability.

Bush talks loyalty, which is a great trait, but as a leader and president it cannot trump accountability. The only people in his administration who have been held accountable, and fired, are those who were held accountable for not parroting the party line on whatever particular matter. For not being loyal enough. This is abominable.

Kerry can hammer and hammer, since Bush cannot defend on accountability. He can talk loyalty all he wants, it's a great personal trait, but the bottom line is that we need some accountability from our leadership and organization, and we don't have that.

Kerry is making sure everyone knows.