Sunday, August 29, 2004

Open-Destination Teleportation

Somehow I just accidentally stumbled upon this, while News Googling around, and feel compelled to give it a quick mention (or, at least subquote and link):
An international team of physicists has entangled five photons for the first time in the world, reports Technology Research News in "Five photons linked". Why is this important? Because it's the minimum number of qubits needed for universal error correction in quantum computing. In other words, they found a way to check computational errors in future quantum computers.

The physicists also demonstrated what they call 'open-destination teleportation,' a way to teleport quantum information within and between computers." "They teleported the unknown quantum state of a single photon onto a superposition of three photons. They were then able to read out this teleported state at any one of the three photons by performing a measurement on the other two photons," adds PhysicsWeb in "Entanglement breaks new record". This will be used in about ten to twenty years to move information among quantum networks.

Seems we have little problem thinking out-of-the-box in terms of science and technology, why do we seemingly have so many problems, and so little success, if even actively engaged imagination, with novel reform of our political, social and economic arrangements and relations?