Thursday, March 25, 2004

Memo To The President...Do Your Job...Testify To The American People Before Congress

President Bush,

I expect the unprecedented and the extraordinary, when it comes to participation in determining what went wrong for 9/11, from you and your staff, including Mrs. Rice.

The spectacular failure happened on your watch.

You better bust your a@# and show us what you're doing about it, and how that compares to what you did before, or you're fired!

Don't patronize us Mr. Bush. We are the American people, and you serve at our discretion (i.e. you work for us). It's your butt on the line, because you're the one supposed to be keeping our butts from becoming victims of our enemies.

So, here is what you should do. Testify before Congress and explain how you did everything possible to keep us secure and safe from our enemies, or, where you failed, explain who's been held accountable and what's changed.


Jimm Donnelly