Thursday, March 25, 2004

On The Merits Of Bush And Rice Testifying Before Congress

No matter how you view it, on President Bush's watch, 9/11 occurred.

This is a spectacular failure.

In any failure, especially one as grave and disastrous as this one, responsibility must be determined, and the vulnerability exposed and taken advantage of at least explained.

This can only be done by knowing the state of what was known (the information), and what was being done about it (the operations), following from the information, including strategy development and further risk analysis to expand on "the known".

What we do know, and have begun to learn more about, is that this attack was not as novel or unanticipated as was thought or asserted (by Rice), and the more this is the case, the less it is an excuse of any kind.

That leaves us with the information that was known, in terms of the strategy being built upon its foundation, the risk management that was going on, cost/benefit analyses, in order to determine how such a shocking attack could have occurred under the current administration's watch.

If Bush wants the conspiracies to end, and the fingers to stop pointing, and he and all of us should, he needs to share all he knows, as does Rice, so that we all can move forward past 9/11 and why we were unable to prevent it, in order to focus on today, and tomorrow, and preventing further 9/11's, not to mention better managing our information, risk portfolios, resources, and image/brand.