Sunday, March 14, 2004

Two Images - Snapshots Of Spain

Two images.

The latest developments in Madrid, in terms of the millions pouring onto the streets to show solidarity in grief and against terrorism, is compelling to view in the light of the demonstrations in Madrid, prior to the war in Iraq, involving millions of Spaniards opposing their government's decision to ally unilaterally with the Americans.

Beyond the fact that the Spanish government (at least nominally) dragged them into the war in Iraq when 90% of the Spanish people were opposed (obviously, this kind of war support will only be token, in the face of such resistance by the people, with an understanding that Spanish forces would not be making vital sacrifices), what strikes me is the millions pouring out together on the streets.

Terrorism, and cronyism, cannot defeat this show of solidarity. Of mutual aid and support. Rather than our elites making rhetorical claims that the terrorists are trying to destroy democracy, they ought to be beginning to realize that true democracy is in order. The hearts and minds of the Spanish people are out there in the streets, and they are not defeated.

In a democracy, if 90% of the people are opposed to spilling blood on a foreign land, especially one which does not directly threaten, than the government does not make a public show of support for that spilling of blood.

Likewise, now or later, absent a weapon of mass destruction, terrorism cannot defeat a people who will refuse to cower in fear, and will instead stand together and show that they are united.

Today, Spanish hearts and minds chose democracy, and held their leaders and representatives accountable for their actions taken on their behalf.

Two images.