Monday, May 12, 2003

Kudos To Bob Graham

Though I'm still not too pleased with his sponsorship of the Patriot Act, I'm beginning to get past that. Perhaps there is a way to redeem the Patriot Act, while still condemning senseless secrecy and abuse of privilege. Graham goes a long way to helping this end by keeping the pressure up about the 9/11 investigation secrecy. This story was so important, it managed to hit page 16 of the LA Times this morning. Shame on the LA Times. This is big news, an interview on Face The Nation, and deserves scrutiny. At least to the point of dismissing or discrediting it.

A shout out and Freedom Mojo to Bob Graham, and a thumbs down to the LA Times. Senseless secrecy is not defendable, especially when protecting legislation, i.e. The Patriot Act, that purports to fix problems that the investigation most likely has found unneeded. 9/11 could have been stopped, and better handled in motion, irrespective of the Patriot Act. We need all the information to decide, and then determine the gaps that require a plug. Legislation in the midst of fear is easy to make, and harder to undo, so we should also never allow the sunset provision to be done away with. Ever. The courage of our convictions should be based in knowledge, and freedom, not ignorance, and fear.