Saturday, May 31, 2003

You'd Never Guess From Most Blogs' Content...

...but Americans are up in arms about the upcoming FCC decision on Big Media, and the lack of public debate. With many thanks from the Daily Dystopian, who directed me to this, the response is not only challenging their web server but also their voice mail system.

Also, I just sent out a letter expressing my disappointment on FCC Big Media coverage to a progressive blogger who will remain unidentified. This blog is not alone, as many progressive and activist blogs seem to be ignoring this development, at least in a specific sense, by not taking a clear and timely stand on it, even though it's clear that much of their content is clearly condescending and critical of the very media empire that will benefit from relaxed media ownership restrictions. Here is the letter:

Good golly...not one piece on Big Media or FCC all last week. How could this not be on your radar screen? I do appreciate your blog, and the issues you highlight, but if the New Left will not speak out in a timely fashion against Big Media, who will? Timely is the key. Very few bloggers I am aware of have been highlighting this issue, or pushing it to the forefront. I'm astounded.

Just curious as to what you're thinking. You constantly criticize media coverage, and its slantedness, by the nature of your blog postings, yet don't seem to care to champion, in a timely manner in regards to the FCC process, on something that may possibly only make it worse, and if anything a process that certainly makes a mockery of the democratic process and transparency in government.

Will you take a stand on this issue? I don't care for a link, or to be on the blogroll, I just want this issue to be aired and blared by those who should be doing so. Ultimately, this issue may be much larger than the ongoing Iraq affair. Yet the obsession with that continues, driven by the Bush Administration, who is controlling all the media framing going on right now.

Wondering if it will get worse? Ask yourself why. Examine your posts, and determine who instigates them beyond yourself, who's framing the issues, and what are people focusing on?

I challenge all of you to do the same. Distraction is the enemy of valor on this issue. Every progressive, moderate and leftist blogger should be highlighting this issue, each making a statement and taking a position, at least on open public debate of the matter before an FCC decision, linking to the others' doing the same, and causing so much attention to this issue we hit what's known as a "phase transition" in complexity theory and we literally "raise the roof" on this matter. I'm not kidding. Feedback loops are in order. There can be no overplaying this issue. Engage democracy, and defend freedom.