Thursday, May 29, 2003

Previous Media Posts On Freedom Century

Just went back and found my media-related former posts. It was fun, and very interesting to go back and see the overall progression since March, when I began this blog. In chronological order (earliest first), here goes...1) CNN Sells Out American People; 2) Ashcroft Can't Control The Internet; 3) Reporting The Costs Of War (after it starts); 4) More Cynical Manipulation Of Public Opinion; 5) PM Berlusconi Owns Almost All Italian Media (and also wants to relax media restrictions); 6) Separation of Media and State; 7) More Reasons Not To Trust The Corporate Business Interest (toxic sludge anyone?); 8) We Want The Airwaves! (and don't forget about Ruminate This); 9) US Media Losing Global Respect/Credibility; 10) Spinsanity Reviews Iraqi Media Coverage; 11) Censorship At The Source (transparency and accountability please); 12) MoveOn Keeps The Grassroots Going; 13) Senator Feingold Calls For Public Hearings. A baker's dozen for your perusal...and several more from last week in the next post.