Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Tomorrow Is Media Diversity Day Here At Freedom Century

No issue is more pressing than a guaranteed plurality of media ownership. The era of Big Media threatens to be dawning though, with the actions of Michael Powell, FCC commissioner, encouraging greater media concentration of ownership. It's time to shine a clear and lucid light on the goings on of the media, and its regulation, Powell, and the FCC. Tomorrow, I will begin that. And will continue, for a week. Today, I've limited time, and can't delve into it too deeply.

So in the meantime, I encourage you to go visit Lisa over at Ruminate This. She is leading the resistance, in many ways, so please go check her out, and not just for her opinions either, as she is collecting and centralizing links to other blogs championing the cause: the freedom of information and media, from the state and from itself. It's a tricky issue, and deserves engaged and prolonged scrutiny.