Sunday, May 04, 2003

Open Government Key To Public Trust
Lack of open government records and meetings has led to a lack of public trust in American government at all levels, a national freedom-of-information activist said Friday.

"A generation ago, 75 percent still trusted government. Now, just 20 percent do," Virginia Coalition for Open Government director Frosty Landon told members of South Dakotans for Open Government. "When just 50 percent of the people vote and when 75 to 80 percent distrust their government, we all need to worry."

I'm worried. However we do it, we need to strengthen the legal power of the freedom of information. In a real sense. Complaining about it doesn't help. Doing something about it will.


Frosty Landon, quoted above, is a member of National Freedom of Information Coalition. Check 'em out.