Thursday, December 11, 2003

2 + 28 - Who's Really Willing In The Coalition
The United States continues to look for more troop contributions from other countries to occupy Iraq. But after the recent attacks on non-U.S. troops and civilians, many nations are growing weary. Some are even reconsidering the very limited commitments they had made previously. Our Globalist Chart takes a closer look at countries' troop contributions in Iraq.


4. Taken together, the United States and Britain account for over 90% of all the troops in Iraq.

5. There are only five countries, excluding the United States and Britain, which have contributed more than 1,000 troops each — Italy (2,754), Poland (2,500), Ukraine (1,650), Spain (1,300) and the Netherlands (1,198).

6. The vast majority of coalition countries sent well under 1,000 troops to Iraq. In fact, the remaining 23 countries only sent a total of 5,203 troops to Iraq — averaging 226 troops per country. These 23 countries supplied roughly 3.3% of all the troops in Iraq.