Tuesday, December 30, 2003

More To Be Said...A Political Ticker

...luxury goods are up around Christmas Time because of the tax cuts, but everything else seems depressed, and the Republican leadership in Congress, prompted by Bush, refuses to extend unemployment benefits before disbursing for the holidays, after voting themselves a raise, during times of epic joblessness, when the rich are proclaiming the greatness of the productivity revolution and profits amidst a jobless recovery.

and let's not forget cut veteran benefits while exhorting the people to "support the troops", while dodging the question of how much the war would cost until we were on the ground already and supporting the troops, cutting taxes mainly for the rich, and insinuating those not "supporting the troops" who opposed the war were traitors, then later exposing a clandestine CIA agent because her husband called your lies on the war...

(to be continued)