Friday, December 26, 2003

Bogeyman Is Dead! Bogeyman Is Dead!

stream-of-consciousness flow, on the commute, from December 15, raw, unedited

the bogeyman is dead! the bogeyman is dead!

dark cloud lifted

saddam the key to war spirit

war marketed by hatred of saddam, his evil, his threat

regime change

indeed, it would seem the administration, without having to go through the UN process, would be in really good shape

resistance forced the mission statement to change - for Iraqi democracy, winning hearts and minds in war on terror

so this must be where we gain victory

only now, with the bogeyman gone, how long will that mission statement remain popular among Americans?

now we hit a time of authenticity

the shroud of saddam is lifted over the american people

what do we really think about iraqis now?

also, now we must inevitably focus again on the real war on terror

through eyes of secure reason, and not fear