Monday, December 01, 2003

Be A Lover, And A Winner, Not A Hater, And A Loser

Be a lover, not a hater. I am angry (with what's going on in America), envy noone, and respect everyone's right to do their own thing. Including President Bush. If you don't like him, beat him at his own game. Politics. That doesn't mean playing the same way. It doesn't mean not playing the same way. It definitely means playing. As serious as things are, there's a game afoot. Play. To win. There's no other way except political impotence.

Bottom line: you want power. To get power, you need allies. In America, that ultimately means you need a lot of votes. Hate won't get you (enough) votes. If you're angry with the Right, or Bush, that's fine. That's also not enough to win. Express yourselves. Sensibly and in a civil fashion. Promote a message of inclusion, bring more allies to the polls than ever before, convince them your anger is justified (even if they don't have that emotional reaction, but just a shared concern), and win this country back!

I don't want to be angry anymore. Who would? I want to win. And I refuse to hate. Hate is less a form of anger than of envy, of someone having the power to do something that deeply troubles you, but that you did not have the power to stop, or to foresee. You have the power to do something about this in 2004, if not with dissent and demonstration before then. Anger may drive you, but don't let hate blind you. These distinctions are very meaningful, and when the dust settles, whoever can clearly show the other to be irrational and emotionally-driven, if not "haters", will win in 2004.