Sunday, December 28, 2003

Big Nature - Lil Nature

stream-of-consciousness flow, reading Eco-Economy, from December 13, raw, unedited

Information, Agency, Service

Determine goods and services by nature as if performed by man. Determine value. If this is done, then can be adequately (and imperfectly) reflected in market prices.

Our current conceit is that we can't see this, and overestimate our own activities while underestimating their impact on natural capital and services.

Thus, we end up with either religious faith in the free market and capitalism to solve problems in a timely and adequate way, or we are implicitly relying on government intervention.

Abuse of reason. Reliance on faith, or Big Government. By ignoring and disrespecting Big Nature, drawing it down. To be replaced with what? Superman or Big Government?

The free market.



One life's waste is another's sustenance.

What would this mean in terms of the new chemicals we are releasing into the environment, the new forms of waste, radioactivity, new genetic life forms, and nanotechnology, and in the dramatic amounts we are adding them?

Would there be a deficit or a slack in evolution providing a life form to dine on this waste? If so, what would be impact of this waste recycling void?

Or is there nothing we can create that doesn't have a life form prepared to eat it? If so, then in the drastic changes of waste distribution we are causing, how long would it take the life forms to catch up? Again, in this intervening period, what would be the impact of the waste recycling void?

What would be the possible positive and negative impacts on the human species by this buildup of hitherto innocuous and less plentiful life forms? The resulting faunal balance? The bacteria and such, the rapid evolution, the effect on overall evolution, and on health and vitality of the current balance of species?