Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Stream of Commute - 7/11/2003

clearly the opposition to the war, the mobilization in the streets, in this nation and worldwide, put a lot of pressure on those attempting to justify it. in fact, as momentum picked up against the war, the competition got hot. this competition for the hearts and minds of people is what caused the distortions and falsehoods. in order to keep pace, assertions and threats became more forceful and threatening, with less veracity and certitude. the game was on. war is not a game. politics often is. this trend continued when the war started, which needed to be "won" at all costs and as quickly as possible. again, to stem the momentum. to put a knife in the opposition. it seemed to work in the beginning, but those in the know suspected a ruse. and yes, since we've "won", it seems it's been nothing such. the resistance to this war is not discredited, the arguments for sensibly and respectfully engaging our allies and the process before going to war all the more reasonable.

on three continents we have the chickens coming home to roost...

the trend is clear, keep the pressure on, there is no more sensed prize or jewel to latch onto (for the war proponents), and thus rather than extending in the face of pressure for the desired, you will see a strategic and contested retreat, a backing down, as the hits just keep on coming and the positive now so seem to have paled in comparison to the costs and negatives of war.

all in the pursuit of certitude, about the threats we may face, in the face of fear. acts of disrepute, bad character.

now those we ridiculed, and sewed the seeds of culture war, such as France and Germany, for disagreeing with us, for acting on their freedom to do or to not do, are now deemed needed or desirable now that we've hit the wall, and are not so invincible after the fireworks (shock and awe) are over, the realities on the ground day-to-day hitting home.