Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Stream Of Commute - Oil - 1

the american people must change. we must each individually choose freedom, demand power and information, and accept responsibility for our actions and nonactions.

highest, subtle form of the political game, of denial of our oil ambitions, greed and empire, is to pinpoint it on the Right, and on the Bushes. in fact, we are all responsible.

why is it about the oil? well, isn't it that it IS about the oil, but not in the way it's made out to be? well, yes and no. yes, it is different than it's generally made out to be, in the sense that oil does bring revenue to opposing leaders such as Hussein, but no in the sense that the larger picture very clearly speaks of our need for this oil. thus, our enduring presence and influence on the scene.

really though, this is a collective denial of the American people at large, protected subtly and, if necessary, less than subtly and vociferously by our leaders and elites. not just because they make money off of it, but because that is what the people want. to be whitewashed. to be cleansed of the guilt, of the responsibility for our dependencies.


selfishness. narcissism. national.