Sunday, July 06, 2003

Stream Of Commute - Last Wednesday

1. imaginary crimes - freedom - God's Laws are not to be instituted by man, by caveat, but to be understood and accepted or rejected by free will - the root of freedom - along with that, humanity forms own laws, which by our standards revolve around rights and harms - too indirect a connection between acts and harms endangers this principle - we've gone too far - made wide range of imaginary crimes real

2. people, suffering, just keep on keeping on. do they contemplate suicide when the chips are down, when this is a normal thing? thinking of Camus, do they commit suicide over grand ideals, over great principles, or do the majority see this as odd? what is the natural situation? people just being here, and living, and thus striving, and doing what people do?


shouldn't be deprived of life, liberty and estate because of differing moral view than majority. this is tyranny of the majority against the minority. yes, as far as the public sphere goes, morality legislation may come into play, but in terms of the private sphere there is no jurisdiction of the state, no trump to use by the state to enforce morality and private behavior that does not "harm" another's rights.

this is the ironclad principle. there is no "harm" here, and no public interest, other than a rival moral belief acted upon in private. this is not the realm of government, or the state, and any limited government conservative should freely see it as such.


seems the whole thing is a confusion of sex and reproduction, sex and marriage, when sex has become more than that in the modern world, and independent of both marriage and reproduction.

this is the real culture war, and it's already been won, at least until a devastating std epidemic may once again change social mores.