Monday, July 14, 2003

Who Said The Smoking Gun Might Be A Mushroom Cloud?
"It is ludicrous to suggest that the president of the United States went to war on the question of whether Saddam Hussein sought uranium from Africa," Dr. Rice said on Fox. "This was part of a very broad case that the president laid out in the State of the Union and other places."

Maybe. But who was it again who frightened us with the image of the smoking gun being a mushroom cloud? Where was the rest of the case involving nuclear weapons - i.e. mushroom cloud makers? Certainly not the phony aluminum tubes charge.

Where is the evidence? Is this all just science fiction? Or have we ever been talking about reality? Hijacking and crashing airplanes is one thing, not too difficult to imagine or seemingly pull off with lax security. All of these other fear-mongering scenarios show very little attention to reality, and certainly almost no direct link or connection to Saddam Hussein.

Was there ever any real, defendable, verifiable evidence?