Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Stream Of Commute - Oil - 2

why is iraq so different than any other dictatorship?

oil, and weapons sophistication. why weapons sophistication? oil revenue.

(larger strategy of freeing Iraq, the most secular Islamic state already, makes little sense)

why is oil so important to us?

economy, and automobile culture. what are we doing about reducing our dependence on oil, let alone foreign sources of oil? not much. hummers may be purchased as a tax write-off, and SUV's are the chosen vehicle of the land.

greed (and/or selfishness).

what are the risks of oil consumption? global warming, pollution, noise, accidents, dependence. are these honestly acknowledged and integrated? no. global warming links to tailpipe emissions conveniently edited out of EPA report.

so global warming is held to the most strict and rigorous standards of scientific proof, before we do anything about it. even though it is acknowledged that the effects may be disastrous to civilization, and our security and freedom.

what are the standards for justifying war? as compared to the standards of justifying environmental policy? who's ignoring this, denying this, falling into greed? The American people.

who benefits from oil? a minority. where are these people? almost entirely in different lands than where the oil is extracted. who benefits from clean air and stable ecology? everyone.

who is the only party that can do something about this? everyone. who will definitely not go out of their way to reduce their advantage? the minority. who are the vast majority of the minority? Americans. All Americans. Who are the minority in the oil-extraction lands who benefit from oil? privileged dictatorial elites. what of the standard of living, freedom and prosperity of their people? horrid. have we done anything about it? no. why? oil.