Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Stream Of Commute - Oil - 3

wake up to the world around us. see through the haze of denial and greed in order to see the effects of our actions. we spend so much time and resources nursing our dependency on oil that we are unable to address the more pressing issues of survival that confront us from technology and overpopulation. the cutting down of the rainforests, the "lungs" of the earth, is a far more pressing issue, and one that we are losing. if anything would require the relaxation of sovereignty, and armed intervention if necessary in order to guarantee security, it is the maintenance of these forests, which our truly a global resource and commons.

yet our leadership seems to want to ignore these problems, or brush them under the rug, because this is what they are paid to do. get paid to do by the actions that lead to the decline.


evidence required for war justification, and evidence required for global warming. evidence required to show the harm of drugs, evidence required to show the harm of pollutants and estrogen.

in almost every case, a pattern of denying evidence and demanding rigorous and strict standards for assertions that go against economic self-interest, along with a pattern of unremittingly and overconfidently citing assertions based on sketchy and anecdotal evidence in the matter of "moral" issues, and where no prevailing and established economic interest exists (except the underground economy or organized crime).


was the Capitol evacuated (during 9/11)? if not, why not? certainly we must have known by this point that prominent buildings were targets...