Sunday, January 11, 2004

From Anger To A Bad Temper - Real News And Analysis

Why can't a media producer like Time Magazine, which has previously reported on George W. Bush's temper, ever do a real human-interest story, with a little depth, like why there is an obsession in American media, at this moment, in regards to Howard Dean's temper, without any mention of the fact that Bush has the same quality?

This would be news - meaningful information and analysis that people would appreciate reading. For, if this vein were followed, it would strike reporting gold, leading to an awareness and acknowledgement that this is merely a pretext for the even more central "anger" meme being pushed against Howard Dean, that Dr. Dean "is an angry politician", "is playing on anger", "is playing the anger card", and juxtaposing that by claiming that what we need is a positive leader, who will unite America, in these insecure days post 9/11, and all this from the supporters and champions of a president who has governed in a way that has clearly, predictably, and inevitably divided America, along the way engaging in questionable activities and justifications that Howard Dean demands accountability for, because and about which many millions of Americans are genuinely disturbed.

That would be political reporting that would inform Americans. Indeed, by exposing these shenanigans for what they are, and pointing out major television networks that seem to be part of the political propaganda effort, rather than the "fair and balanced" effort, Americans would be able to become more deeply aware of the political process in America, be more free and capable to examine the underlying issues involved (the most important understanding of the election), and clearly see which public media networks are reporting in a fair and balanced fashion, and which that are clearly taking sides and spinning information to the benefit of a particular ideology and party.

Why can't we have this? Is this too much to ask? That we get some adult, educated, informed, and balanced news coverage in a nation that is a beacon of modern freedom and democracy in the most advanced era of human civilization to date?

I don't think so.

(please meditate on this)