Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Just Thinking

streaming consciousness


idealism and realism

presumption and respect

narcissism and integrity


moment of complexity

in thinking about Ford's industrial process, and the grid, and the binarity of management and labor, one in control of the other, I think about ants, and how they have "workers", and how these workers are sterile and serve a purpose.

combine this with ecological insight on ants not overwhelming ecosystem.

this may be largely due to evolutionary transformation that neutered most of the ant population.

at least our environmentalists seek egalitarian 2 child or less policies, rather than policies of eugenics.

still, I'd like to hear more about these ants. how is it determined which ants will be workers? are there special worker fathers, or are offspring just randomly steered into this or that function? or is there a genetic tendency, or endowment, that just naturally leads one ant offspring to be a "worker", and also sterile, and another to hit the lottery and be a fertile elite?