Monday, January 05, 2004

George W. Bush's Quick Temper - From Time Magazine
Within Bush, the tension between his quick temper and his capacity for detachment is not unique. It is mirrored by the clash between a self-confidence that sometimes borders on arrogance and a humility born out of faith and some experience with failure. And it is reflected also in his willingness to surround himself with smart advisers on the one hand and his disdain for haughty intellectuals on the other. The question is whether the crucible of a two-year campaign changed Bush and, if so, how.

With a bit of savvy media handling by the Dean campaign, this obsession with Dean's temper and whether he's going "to lose it" should quickly be brought to an end.

We need to focus on issues, and substance, not shallow character analysis and assassination, regardless of which candidate you currently favor.