Friday, January 16, 2004

Not Of This World - President Bush's Big Ideas

The Baltimore Sun asks President Bush to return to Earth.
Sure, we're suckers for space, and we get that Mr. Bush wants a "big idea" to provide an inspiring backdrop to his re-election campaign. But why not be truly bold and tackle some of our earthbound challenges?

How about a grand vision for ensuring universal health care, including long-term care? Or the president could pledge himself to a speedy overhaul of Social Security before it becomes financially unsustainable.

If he wants to think really big, Mr. Bush could set a 10-year goal of weaning the U.S. off fossil fuels, thus advancing national security and cleaning up the environment at the same time.

What about a voyage to inner space? A mission to rescue the poor, the unskilled, the abandoned youths of cities such as Baltimore from lifetimes of despair could be heroic beyond measure.

President Bush has previously pledged himself to compassionate causes, such as leaving no child behind in the classroom and bringing relief to the AIDS-ravaged continent of Africa. But the money he provides fails to match his rhetoric.