Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Coming Up Soon

Many more posts today on some of our themes of the past few weeks. Work has really been keeping me unblogged, but since I'm what you may call a "boutique" blog, without much wide traffic, I figure I'm not letting anyone down. Also, I am planning on rolling out the new site soon, though that has been put back a week or so too.

In the meantime, we'll do some posts a bit later this afternoon. Also, look out for a live audiostream coming soon, sometime this month. I hear Krugman was talking accountability today, so I highly recommend going to check him out. Transparency and accountability are essential to democracy and to ensuring the integrity of our nations' actions. The freedom of information.

Last, the biggest reality check I've had in years came when not only Bush, but the vast majority of Americans, ignored a 1/2 million people on the streets of New York. This can't be a good thing. Fear and loathing are ascendant. The trauma of 9/11 seems resilient, and as a people we must do something about it. The "how" is the hard part. How do the traumatized and fearful lead themselves out of trauma and fear? Certainly not with the help of color-coded fear messages and enemy mongering, so the current leadership can be discounted. Who's left to help us out, other than ourselves? And we are the effected. So these are dramatic and important times in America, and we must be vigilant. If the current state of affairs becomes business-as-usual, we may be all doomed.

So we must do something about it. Change. We will, and we can help through the medium of the blogosphere. By spreading information, and seeding hope.