Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Voices Heard

This week we may see the first truly Internet and blogosphere inspired national political effect, or difference. Not that this would be the sole influence, but certainly one of the prevailing ones. Through MoveOn, letters, blogs and others means, Americans have registered overwhelming nays in regards to FCC media ownership regulation changes. Though this didn't stop the FCC, it didn't go unnoticed. I believe Congress will reverse the decision, if only to take back the reins of control into their hands. Vigorous and public debate needs to go into media ownership regulations. It's time for Congress to take responsibility for what it is meant to do. Shape national policy, and protect our values.

I'll be writing more later, as I am in high gear on a work project at the moment, but Lisa over at Ruminate This is as always leading the charge against the emerging threat of media monopolies and the stifling of alternative and dissenting viewpoints. Leah over at Eschaton has stepped up large on this one too. Don't miss them.

Update: Oh, and remember, I said may above. We need to keep the pressure on. Write letters, call Congressmen, post to your blog, tell all your friends, and howl to the moon about this for the next two days. They will listen, of this I'm confident. If not, they will go. The information is alive and spreading, it's only a matter of time before governance and public debate catch up and on. Let's do this!

Make America the plentiful, in free flow of information, secure in our decision wisdom, by candid and uninhibited evaluation of the available knowledge.