Thursday, June 12, 2003

Quick Notes While Riding Transit Today (Unedited)

1. how, in such important matters, could one overlook or be sloppy with such important information, as niger falsity?

2. claimed "british intelligence" tells us...set up or cop out?

3. if there is plenty of other evidence, what and where is it? it would seem only absence of evidence of compliance is what we have. this is crux, why did saddam not have evidence of destruction?

4. where are the women for a free iraq?

the real issue is that, having known all of this beforehand, would it have been a huge scandal that we were so cavalier with intelligence, so sloppy, and so eager to unverified information? it would have been, then, but now, in comparison, it's actually used as a "defense", as if to say it's not as bad as that, and everyone agrees and in the light of comparison never notices the barrenness of the defense itself.

evidence of destruction (EOD)

this cavalierness, and sloppiness, of intelligence and interagency and government communication, isn't this largely the reason we got hit with 9/11 in the first place? and now we're justifying wars, apparently to combat the new era of terror fighting, with the very same methods and tactics, and results, that caused all of this in the first place? are we our own worst enemy?

a genealogy of justifying war in Iraq. go all the way back, and then track the progression, movements, and outright shifts in direction.

has there ever been a more ironic state of the union address? chock full of the same stuff that caused its content in the first place? as the address is meant to assure us of how we are going to defeat the terror threat, behind the scenes little does anyone know that the very same sloppiness, incompetence, and lack of communication that largely allowed 9/11 to happen was also allowing flawed evidence into the state of the union?

this would seem to underscore even more that we full and complete investigations of the how's and why's of not only how we botched this intelligence, and on what the competence of our intelligence is, both in content for justifying war and overall effectiveness, but also 9/11 itself, since it would seem that the cause of both of these is sloppiness, incompetence and lack of communication.

I'm cramped for time, so this is what I'm throwing out here right now. Later, I'll form it into a regular post, and you'll get to see (oh joy!) how the process works, when I'm working from notes. For the most part, it's all stream-of-consciousness, I don't have the time or wherewithal to really deeply think about this stuff, unless there's someone out there who's opening up a think tank. Otherwise, I'm a common worker, and spin this stuff either completely on the fly or from notes when I'm on my daily travels and duties. Cheers!