Sunday, June 29, 2003

Freedom Century Was Down For Awhile...But No More

I had some problems with Blogger last week. They have been resolved. I've been crazy busy on a work project lately, so in some ways the disruption worked out.

I've bought a new domain, and will be publishing a mirror site to this, with enhancements and deeper content, shortly. I will announce when it is ready. With that site, I will be introducing many new blog elements, including intelligent agents. This Blogger site will remain here, as I'm confident I'll concoct a straight-forward way to update two sites with new posts, at least for awhile.

Last, Sandra Day O'Connor deserves praise for her intelligence and integrity in the latest Supreme Court case decisions. Buzzflash does her a disservice, and contributes to an irrational and overblown atmosphere of conspiracy and intrigue, by suggesting as publicly as they do that O'Connor is privy to Right wing machinations to assure W. Bush reelection.

I won't go into their arguments, if you could indeed characterize them this way, but instead I will repost on this a bit later (by tomorrow). This is the real world, not the X-Files, and Sandra Day O'Connor has contributed to a great victory in the ongoing march for civil rights in this country, not to mention an expanding defense of equal protection under the law.