Thursday, June 12, 2003

Full Investigations - 9/11 And The War In Iraq Intelligence (Sic)

We desperately need full investigations of both 9/11 and the War in Iraq intelligence and justification.

It seems the underlying faults are the same in both actions. Lack of communication (does secrecy have anything to do with it?), bumbling, willful disregard, political and self-interest opportuning, various levels of incompetence, and just plain arrogance gone wild.

We are in danger. We must not look away. We must demand the information, so that rational and responsible people may make sound decisions.

It's past the point of brushing it aside. It's on now. Our integrity and safety depend on it. Quick action, thorough review, proper accounting, just dispensation, sound policy.


Things don't seem to be getting better, right? The Homeland Security Department seems decent at color-coded fear messages and chasing Democratic state legislators around in Texas, but are we getting any better at assuring clear and unbroken communication channels? This is high stakes people. Are we really willing to just look away?


Update: The gist of this is that we have enemies who are trying to get through and attack us. Yet we still refuse to fully investigate 9/11 failures, and now we get fresh evidence that the usual suspects that contributed to our 9/11 failures, lack of communication and incompetence being the two main ones, are still in effect and full force. Nothing seemingly has changed. We're still messing up the intelligence lines and distribution. This means we are in danger. Plain and simple. It's time for a full and exhaustive review.