Monday, June 02, 2003

Let The Games Begin
"I continue to be disturbed by the statistic frequently cited in these hearings that five companies control 85 percent of our media sources," McCain said in a recent statement.

Critics of the more lax rules on media ownership say they also will meet this week to discuss what legislation they can get behind to try to block, or at least dilute, the new rules.

"We have a group as eclectic as any coalition anyone has ever seen," said Matt Keller, legislative director for Common Cause, a liberal public interest group, who counts groups from the National Rifle Association to the National Organization for Women as his allies on this topic. "The top half of the first inning has just ended. This is where the game starts."

John McCain is on deck, along with Congress. The FCC has played into the hands of the defenders of freedom and democracy, by forcing the issue against the tide of public opinion, and their sponsors in Congress. We, the American people, will prevail.