Thursday, June 26, 2003

Home Of The Brave, Land Of The Free, Homeland Of The Savage

Sometimes I ask myself what is happening with the American Dream. We've come a long way here in America, from the founding fathers keeping slaves and bearing children with them, while all the time expounding on the inalienable dignity and rights of man. And they meant man. Not human. At least in the beginning.

Since then, we've grown a lot as a culture and nation. We have given women, and people who are not white, or Irish, equal rights and dignity. More or less. There is still a lot of personal and subcultural opposition, but this is to be expected, and not suppressed. A change can't be completed overnight. It takes time and generations. And people need to choose freedom and tolerance, it can't be forced on them.

Michael Savage is one of these people. To be honest, who knows what his deal is personally, but his public persona is deplorable. Who is this guy? He sues people for making fun of him, and for pointing out his mistakes, because he has made such a colossal ass of himself in the public arena. Boo hoo. If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen.

I don't listen to Savage's show. Never have. I've heard here and there some snippets, and some resulting controversy, and that's all I need. I have no tolerance for those who despise, ridicule, or work to marginalize those who express themselves sexually in a different way than oneself. It's tawdry, and often makes one wonder why this seeming fear of this behavior is aroused anyhow. Is there a secret titillation? A curiosity that upon being considered momentarily brings on the threat of religious doom?

Perhaps we will never know. I do know this however. Savage needs to back off his homoerotic arousal, and accompanying subsequent denigration and humiliation of such feeling, for the better good of this country, and our people. He is on the public stage, and shows no sensitivity or wisdom at all in his diatribes on the air. With this in mind, neither should his critics have to display these qualities either. As for the truth, this is not Savage's game, and thus is also up for his critics manufacture.

With freedom, all expression is fair game, to a limit. We haven't even come close to the limits, so let Savage cry and whine all he wants, he has brought this on himself. Show some courage man! Fight back with words, not lawsuits! If it were up to Savage, we would be home of the correct, land of the sissies, and homeland of the weak-willed. Beginning with his name, Savage is just a limp joke.

My fellow man of rock'n'roll, Neal Pollack, has more on the situation. I encourage you to go visit him.