Monday, October 06, 2003

Arnold, Enron, And Getting Lay'd

I'm unclear why the mainstream media seem to be completely ignoring Arnold's meetings with Ken Lay of Enron, only a matter of days after the energy crisis here in California. Surely this deserves more scrutiny, if not at least some followup questions after Arnold claims to have forgotten the meeting. Ken Lay and Enron screwed us, and it's damn near certain that they gamed the market to make things worse.

Sure, the boorish behavior towards women is newsworthy, and not to be ignored. But it seems that the scrutiny ends there. It's off the radar that fellow black bodybuilders have painted Arnold as a white supremacist. At least these charges could be explored and dismissed. Along with them, Arnold makes up stories about gang banging a "black" girl. If he made up the story, why would he be so specific in the details, and especially about her race? (He didn't make up the story people...wake up)

Most important of all, the scrutiny needs to be on the energy crisis. Its timing, just after the election of George W. Bush, who did absolutely nothing to help us. Then, immediately after, a meeting led by Ken Lay, George W. Bush's close friend, to address the energy crisis. Only we didn't know at the time that Lay's company, Enron, had gamed the market into and during the energy crisis.

Now, after all of that, no scrutiny against Arnold. About this meeting. And to add sharp insult to injury, the people running Arnold's campaign, who is running as an outsider, are the same crowd who were surrounding former governor Pete Wilson, who not only raised taxes during his tenure to deal with tough budgets, but also came up with the crazy energy deregulation scheme in the first place.

Yes, Arnold needs to answer questions about the energy crisis, his opinion of Wilson's deregulation scheme (which incidentally was practically bought by PG&E and Edison), his meeting with the Ken Lay, chairman of Enron, who screwed us, and his idiotic championing of the Hummer, which will never be an energy-conservation-friendly vehicle.

Arnold is a sign of much that's wrong in California today. True lack of vision, and inability to see the big picture.