Monday, October 06, 2003

Why Can't Anyone Remember Anything?

Seems like we have an epidemic in today's society. Amongst our accountable and responsible leaders. They can't remember anything. Either they're unorganized, and keep losing their notes, or not taking them in the first place, or there's some kind of strange affliction going around. Call in Mulder and Scully, this is downright weird. Arnold can't remember seemingly anything, Condoleeza Rice little more, and the list of names and the lost just goes on.

Even worse, when reminded, we hear the lamest excuses and rationalizations from them. Vague denials and obnoxious justifications. Those things that haven't been forgotten, unfortunately, but have come out contrary than expected, are even more strangely spun as if they are in fact coming out as expected. Weird. Like David Kay's sleuthing around Iraq, which essentially found nothing, but is even now being spun as all the justification needed by the Administration.

Good grief. Fire all of them. Not a single liar should be defended further. The world only gazes upon us with disdain, and silent pity. To our friends and allies around the world, I can only say one thing - I'm sorry.