Saturday, October 04, 2003

The Elite Forgetting Man

In meditating on the entire candidacy of Arnold Schwarzenegger, and all the reasons why any sane individual would avoid putting him in a top leadership position, the most disturbing thing to me is Arnold's views of the common man (let's not even broach the common woman).

These views are unforgivable, and not American. Unlike Arnold, this site promotes a vision of grassroots democracy, real democracy, transparency and accountability, the freedom of information. Not as a point of contention, but as a departure. A root. Freedom Century champions these as values, as following from a literal and direct read of the Declaration of Independence. It's no joke.

So it deeply offends me to hear Arnold discussing how most people are followers, and desiring a powerful leader "in the know" who will instruct them what to do. This vision of elite governance and information "privilege" greatly disturbs me. It also doesn't wash with a professed championing of education and children. For if most people truly are like this, why would you even bother spending so much money to educate and raise them?

Indeed, Arnold Schwarzenegger is the very picture of elite breakdown governance that plagues us today. He has money, and fame, and with that has become the favorite. That's it. He has no compelling policy suggestions, and claims to be an outsider at the same time he has resurrected the staff of former (and horrible) governor Pete Wilson.

Ignoring the merits of the recall, there is no excuse for voting for Arnold Schwarzenegger as our governor. Unless you wish only to be led, by a charismatic figure, into unknown and uncharted waters. I don't. At the most essential core of my being, and radiating through every muscle fiber and tissue, I feel a deep disdain for Arnold Schwarzenegger. He is not a champion of the people. As his own words betray, he just wishes to be the charismatic elite leader who tells them how it is, and what to do.