Saturday, October 04, 2003

Forgetting Man Remember

Try your hardest Arnold. Breathe deep, and pore through the eminent caverns of your mind. The epic recesses. You can do it. Leader of men, conqueror of women. Remember. Those fateful times when the lights went out. When they turned off the great machine.

You met with Ken Lay, chairman of Enron, who we have come to learn was hustling us into and during the crisis. What did you guys talk about? Remember. Now is your chance to be a true champion of Californians. Expose the subject and content of the meeting. Surely you didn't know that Lay was double-talking you, and gaming the system while claiming to have a fix for it. Remember. Or were you too focused on Lay's assistant's butt to take notes?

Seriously Arnold, it's time you come clean. Or we will ride you like a broken pony in heat, have our way with you, and give you a taste of being the big leader only to take it away from you in another recall. It's time you recall. Total recall. Remember. What were you, or they, scheming back in those dark days?

Inquiring minds want to know.