Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Thoughts On A Schwarzenegger Victory

First, congratulations to Arnold Schwarzenegger. Though I don't think he deserves it, and that he benefited from lax reporting on issues surrounding him, the reality is that this happened, and he won. With that, good luck to the big guy.

I'd love to hear some more creative exit polls once in awhile though. Like how many voters, upon leaving the polls, were aware that Arnold had met with Ken Lay just days after the worst of our energy crisis. Further, how many of these voters even know that Enron gamed the market to make the energy crisis worse than it was. Or how many know that George W. Bush and Ken Lay are good friends.

Alas, these are film room misgivings, and there is no game next week. So be it. At least we can be assured of getting some federal support for a change. Finally. President Bush did exactly jack s@#t for us during the energy crisis, and has done nothing to help out the vast majority of states who are struggling in red ink and a failing economy right now.

My suspicion all along was that the federal help would come after the recall election, in hopes that Arnold would win, and thus could help shore up the Republican name in California during tough times. Careful what you wish for would be my only advice. The state is such a mess, along with the federal treasury because of Iraq and tax cuts, that the feds can do very little to help us now anyway. Regardless, here's to hoping that Arnold is a miracle worker, because the interests of this state come before partisan politics.

As for the election itself, the only mystery left is who will get the most votes - Gray Davis (NO) or Arnold Schwarzenegger (YES/ARNOLD). It's a dead heat as I post this.