Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Just Another Tequila Sunrise

What a night. Finally got finished moving (upstairs no less), and got thrown out of a neighborhood bar. All in the day's work I guess. It's tough being me, and tough being free, but dammit I'm going to speak my mind.

The most disturbing thing to me is the idiotic cheerleading and gangbanging that goes on in the blogosphere. The piling on. It's very hard to communicate a point out here without triggering a string of partisan brushfires. I come out condemning terrorists who time barbarous attacks on the Red Cross for the beginning of Ramadan, and make a point that we should not back down, or let this tactic succeed, and I've suddenly become a supporter of President Bush, his war, and the whole of American foreign policy for the past century.

It's kind of funny actually. I honestly enjoy reading the trash talk and piling on. It's amazing the things that I say that I never say. Hell, even I'm against that guy freelixir sometimes, the way he's mischaracterized. Oh well. Like I said, it's tough being me.

Now if I could only figure out why Billmon endorsed and unendorsed Howard Dean strictly on the merits of his perceived opposition to Israel. Anyone? Is it that easy to get Billmon's vote? Does Billmon actually believe that Israel runs American foreign policy, and that this is the most important issue to base his vote on (ignoring for now the unelectability of an Israel-bashing platform)?

And, as a preemptive by the way, I share many of Billmon's sympathies in regards to our Israeli policy (ouch...I know this element of subtlety is very painful for some of you). It's going to take a little more from a candidate to get me on board though. Check that. A lot more. I suggest they start with electoral reform.